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Lear to Defend Yourself, Take a Women’s Self Defense Class

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I have met many people over the years that have practiced Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and I have always been fascinated by it. Of course, I am also a huge MMA fan. I have just never been brave enough to step into a martial arts gym. My curiosity has led me to search for the place that I would like to begin my journey.

Since I’m in my 30’s, I figured I should probably start slow, so I began my search by looking for women’s self defense classes that are offered at BJJ gyms. I figured I could gingerly step foot into the gym and observe the classes, while learning how to defend myself. Jiu-Jitsu is a great method for self defense for women because it helps us to prepare to take care of ourselves if the need arises. My search led me to La Jolla Jiu-Jitsu.

I reviewed their website and description of the women’s self defense class. There were many things listed that appealed to me, but what really got me was the opportunity to learn how to turn an attacker into a victim in an emotionally and physically challenging environment. As a women it is important to feel safe in the environment that you are training in. Especially when it comes to a sport that is dominated by men. You want to feel safe training with both the men and women. La Jolla Jiu-Jitsu provides just this environment. It is intimidating enough just stepping foot in a martial arts academy, you don’t want to be intimidated on the mats too.

I say all of this because my experience with what started as “just” a self defense class has morphed into a lifestyle. The gym is my home away from home. My training has turned me from being high stress to more level headed. My three girls have benefited from this change as well as my husband and co-workers. Most importantly, I have learned that I can do SO many more things than I realized, even with beginning at 30. I react to things differently because I know what I am capable of and it is very empowering.

So, take my advice. Head over to La Jolla Jiu-Jitsu, try their women’s self-defense class. Learn how to defend yourself. Become a role-model to those kids out there. Realize your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Join the most supportive sisterhood you can find. I promise, it will be the best decision you will make.